The next-generation enterprise mobile app platform that provides end-to-end simplicity.


Mobile Backend-as-a-Service

The fastest and easiest way to connect mobile applications to your enterprise systems and data

mobile data virtualization

Extend mobile operation management from devices, to apps, to data.

mobile data management

Apply security, management and access crontrol policies at the data source level

KidoZen accelerates enterprise-ready mobile experiences, helping the world’s largest organizations to lead the new digital economy • Quickly and easily build mobile apps that securely access enterprise systems • Unlock business data and content via mobile experiences • Drive success with mobile analytics • Enable a mobile-first enterprise

Connect enterprise systems
Integrate backend services, line-of-business systems and databases into your enterprise mobile apps. Using a single line of code.
Distribute your mobile apps
Publish, update, and control access to enterprise mobile apps from a central location.
Virtualize your mobile data
Create virtual representations of your enterprise data for mobile applications. Manage enterprise data sources from a single address.
Manage mobile data policies
Take enterprise mobile security and policy management to the next level – at the data source. With just two clicks.
Gain new insights
Learn about the internal and operational behavior of your mobile applications.

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The fast and easy way to integrate Xamarin apps with enterprise systems
Xamarin and KidoZen are fast becoming two of the most popular mobile app platforms. While Xamarin gives developers a sophisticated solution for building cross-platform mobile apps, KidoZen has built an entire platform for easily accessing business data from mobile apps – using just a few simple lines of code.
Tuesday, August 5th. 2-3:00 PM EDT

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Using the Cloud to Enable Next-Generation Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Cloud infrastructures have pushed the frontiers of software development to areas never before imagined and promise to simplify the challenges facing traditional enterprise mobility models.


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