2013 is ending and what a year has been for KidoZen! It’s time to focus our attention to 2014 and, with that, comes the time to make some predictions. I’ve never been big into predicting the future but I thought I summarized some of the ideas we have been discussing internally as well as with customers and partners. I know some of these predictions are very blunt but where is the fun on stating the obvious ;).

Here is my list:

SAP SMP, IBM Worklight will Undergo Significant Transformations

We believe 2014 will see some important transformations in the IBM and SAP enterprise mobility stacks. After losing market share to leaner and more robust platforms such as the enterprise mobile backend as a service leaders, IBM and SAP will try transform their products to either be a commodity offering attached to their enterprise suites or to be able to compete with the emergent players in the enterprise mobility space.

BlackBerry Becomes More Relevant in the Enterprise

We’ve been wrong before about BlackBerry but, from an enterprise perspective, we are super bullish on John Chen and the transformation the mobility giant is undergoing. We believe that BlackBerry’s focus on the enterprise will pay off on a market on which Google, Apple and Microsoft are battling for dominance in the consumer market.

Kony Loses Relevance and, Maybe, Gets Acquired

Similarly to IBM and SAP, Kony has been impacted by the emergence of new enterprise mobile players. Differently from IBM and SAP, Kony does not have the resources to reinvent itself without losing significant market share. From that perspective, we think Kony will likely to lose relevance or be acquired in 2014.

Oracle Enters the Enterprise Mobile Space

While Oracle ADF can be consider an enterprise mobile play, the fact of the matter is that Oracle hasn’t had any impact in the enterprise mobile space. We believe that will change in 2014 and Oracle will enter the market either via acquisitions or strong strategic alliances.

A New Type of MDM Vendor Emerges

The MDM market is saturated and commoditized which also means is ready for disruption. While there are clear winners in the MDM space, most of the solutions still remain very heavy and intrusive for most organizations. We believe 2014 will see the emergence of new MDM solutions such as Enterproid or BlueBox that are providing more modern, extensible and non-invasive solutions.

Some of the Traditional MDM Vendors will go for Mercy Acquisitions

Complementing the previous point, we believe some of the early MDM vendors will have a difficult time competing with the incumbents in the space. As a result, we believe some of those vendors will go for undervalued acquisitions or simply become irrelevant.

KidoZen, AnyPresence and FeedHenry will Dominate the Enterprise mBaaS Market

2013 was the year on which KidoZen, FeedHenry and AnyPresence established a solid position in the enterprise mBaaS space. We believe these three vendors will completely distance themselves from the competition in 2014 which will make for a very exciting year.

Mobile Testing, Monitoring, App Stores will Become Capabilities of Bigger Enterprise Offerings

In 2013 the enterprise mobile market remained very fragmented with areas such as mobile testing, app distribution and app performance monitoring remaining as standalone categories. We believe that 2014 will see some of those capabilities become part of bigger enterprise mobile offerings such as MDM or Mobile Middleware. In that sense, we can expect to see M&A activity in those segments of the enterprise mobile space.

Mobile-First Business Apps Start Establishing as a Standalone Category

We are super bullish about mobile-first business apps and the fact that they will become a standalone category in the enterprise just like SaaS or Cloud Infrastructures. However, we are cognizant of the fact that there are very tangible technical and market challenges preventing this from happening. We believe some of those challenges will start to be addressed in 2014 and will see mobile-first business apps become an important point on CIO’s priority lists.

A New Type of Enterprise Mobile Platform Emerges

If you have read until this point, this prediction should not come as a surprise. The fragmentation in the enterprise mobile market in areas such as middleware, testing, monitoring, MDM, app distribution players etc together with the fact that most MEAP platforms provide a super heavy, complex and expensive solutions; makes the market ready for a next generation enterprise mobile platform that brings together some of the best technologies on each one of the aforementioned areas. There are still no clear signs of how that next generation platform will emerge but you can think about it as a natural evolution for MDM or mobile middleware platforms.

I hope you enjoyed this prediction list. As I said before, I’ve never been any good at predicting the future but we do spend a lot of time trying to re-imagine enterprise software the mobile way.

Happy Holidays and a blessed 2014!