KidoZen is an enterprise mobile platform as a service that was created to accomplish a simple and yet powerful goal: ENABLE THE MOBILE-FIRST ENTERPRISE. KidoZen is accomplishing this goal by providing a ridiculously simple model for developers to enable, manage and operation enterprise-ready backend for their mobile applications. Focusing on enterprise-ready backend capabilities, KidoZen makes it extremely easy for mobile application developers to integrate with line of business systems both hosted on the cloud or behind the firewall.

KidoZen’s objective is to revolutionize enterprise mobility that goes beyond a single platform. We have been putting together the infrastructure that enables enterprise with everything they need to embark in the enterprise mobility journey. KidoZen is not a single platform but movements to a DEMOCRATIZE ENTERPRISE MOBILITY that allow organizations accomplish some of the following goals:

  • BUILD YOUR OWN APPS: Build and manage your own enterprise mobile apps using our enterprise mobile platform as a service
  • USE EXISITNG APPS: Access and customize existing apps using our app marketplace
  • PARTNER: Leverage our fast growing partner ecosystem to establish strategic alliances with organizations that can help you build enterprise-ready mobile solutions.
  • CONTRIBUTE: Take advantage of the KidoZen community to access the latest contributions and resources created by thousands of developers across the globe.


And we are just starting…..