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KidoZen was founded in December 2011 to democratize enterprise mobility by providing the fastest, most affordable and secure way to deploy enterprise mobile apps.

The company’s founders, as consultants to global enterprises, experienced first-hand how first-generation enterprise mobile platforms made app development painful, slow, and expensive. So they created the first integrated enterprise mobile app platform to overcome all the impediments enterprises face in creating mobile apps that securely integrate with their other business systems and software without having to build out their own infrastructure from scratch. KidoZen launched the industry’s first enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) in February 2013 and continues to set the pace of industry innovation. The company’s vision is to deliver the most robust, easiest to use mobile app platform by providing all the infrastructure enterprises need to power business-transforming mobile experiences for employees, customers and partners.

The KidoZen platform is used by the world’s largest organizations, including American Airlines, Boeing, DuPont, Pfizer, Microsoft, Shell, Toyota and United Healthcare. The company’s partner network of leading system integrator and mobile service providers already spans 50 countries.