As the enterprise mobile space continues to evolve, organizations are getting more strategic in enabling mobile-first infrastructures that can sustain the growing number of mobile solutions in the enterprise. Many organizations presume their investments in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) can be leveraged to provide the correct backend infrastructure required by mobile solutions. However, they quickly realize a simple fact: SOA doesn’t work for mobile.

This upcoming webinar session will explore the unique factors that make SOA inappropriate for enterprise mobile scenarios, and introduces the new concept of Mobile Oriented Architectures (MOA) as a model to power mobile solutions in the enterprise. 

Attendees Will Learn:

-How MOA adapts some of the core principles behind SOA for a mobile-first world
-The fundamental principles of Mobile Oriented Architectures
-The essential technological capabilities organizations should consider when architecting mobile solutions

Webinar – From SOA to MOA – Transitioning from Service Oriented to Mobile Oriented Architectures  

Speaker: Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of KidoZen

April 8th, 1 – 2 pm EST 

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