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PrintYesterday at its IO conference, Google announced the acquisition of mobile testing vendor Appurify. Following the acquisition of Divide this acquisition represents another steps towards surrounding the Android with complementary platforms that improve the lifecycle management of mobile applications for both developers and enterprises.

From our perspective, we think the acquisition of Appurify is another early sign that consolidation is starting happening in the enterprise mobile space. While Appurify can’t be exactly classified as an enterprise platform, it provided an attractive offer for organizations building B2C apps that need to be tested across a variety of devices, networks, etc. the Google acquisition, can be interpreted as a sign that mobile testing platforms are not destined to survive as a standalone category and, instead, will become part of bigger platform offerings.

Here are some thoughts about the impact the Appurify acquisition can have on different areas of the mobile ecosystem.

For Google

With Appurify, Google gains a best in class mobile testing platform with a very strong customer and partner base. By integrating Appurify into the Android platform Google will provide developers and enterprises a native mechanism to test mobile applications without having to deploy a separate infrastructure. Additionally, now the Android platform has an immediate equivalent to Apple’s TestFlight.

For Appurify

By joining Google, we believe Appurify maximizes it chances of succeeding in an incredibly crowded space. With several dozens of platforms providing mobile testing services, it is incredibly difficult to differentiate between the different offerings. By becoming part of a bigger platform, Appurify will have immediate access to Android developers and organizations that are already invested in the Google platform.

For Mobile Testing Startups

While premature, I think the Google acquisition of Appurify signals the market that mobile testing solutions are destined to become part of a bigger platform offerings instead of surviving as a standalone category.

For Android Developers

With Appurify, Android developers will have the ability of testing an application across different devices, networks, etc directly from the native development tools they are using today. Additionally, Appurify will continue its support for IOS applications.

For Google Enterprise Customer

While Appurify hasn’t been entirely focused on the enterprise, it is expected that the platform will become a strong part of Google Enterprise’s offering. Together with Divide, the Appurify platform will provide organizations with several capabilities to have a complete mobile app lifecycle management experience as part of the Android or Google Apps offerings