Recent headlines from Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon and others have the potential to change enterprise mobility. But how?

KidoZen follows the enterprise mobility space closely and integrates with many different mobile market segments, so we tend to have a vantage point view and unique take on the enterprise mobile ecosystem.

Yesterday, KidoZen hosted a fast-paced webinar summarizing the summer’s major mobility headlines and their implications including:

  • Apple is getting more serious about the enterprise.
  • Google is surrounding Android with enterprise-ready technologies
  • BlackBerry is doubling down on cyber security
  • Yahoo! has entered the mobile market
  • KidoZen’s rapid expansion beyond enterprise mBaas offering into a next-generation enterprise mobile platform

Because we want to share the valuable insight from the webinar with you, we recorded it for you to access at your convenience to help you securely navigate the ever-changing mobile landscape.

You can watch the webinar here:

Lastly, we would like to thank you all that participated in this webinar and we will hope to see you in our upcoming seminars.