Partner Ecosystem Since the very early days, KidoZen have developed a pretty robust partner ecosystem to provide companies with the right resources to implement enterprise mobile solutions powered by KidoZen.

  • KidoZen integration partners KidoZen has developed a very healthy system integrators partner ecosystem that can work with you organization to implement end to end enterprise mobile application powered by KidoZen. From some of the largest global system integrators in the world to smaller boutique firms specialized in enterprise mobility, the KidoZen partner ecosystem offers organization a flexible set of options to embrace KidoZen within your organization.
  • KidoZen technology partners  KidoZen has partnered with the lead mobile technology providers in the current market to enrich the ecosystem of mobile technologies supporting KidoZen. With these partnerships, organizations can enjoy of an optimal experience while developing KidoZen solutions on almost any mobile development technology. Additional, these partnerships increase the presence of KidoZen enjoys within some of the most active mobile development communities while enrich its capabilities and support options.
  • KidoZen training partners  Despite the simplicity of the experience of developing applications in KidoZen, we have established a very solid partner ecosystem that will help your organization to quickly embrace and master the process of implementing mobile applications powered by KidoZen. Differently from other enterprise mobile applications, KidoZen’s training programs are extremely simple and will allow your developers to be ready to build enterprise mobile applications in just a few days.


Integration Partners

Cognizant Headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey (U.S.), Cognizant combines a passion for client satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise,and a global, collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work. With over 50 delivery centers worldwide and approximately 164,300 employees as of June 30, 2013, Cognizant is a member of the NASDAQ-100, the S&P 500, the Forbes Global 2000, and the Fortune 500 and is ranked among the top performing and fastest growing companies in the world.

Cognizant enables global enterprises to address a dual mandate: to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations.

Offices: Global

Happiest Minds Technologies
is a next generation IT services provider focused on harnessing disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility, social CRM, analytics, infrastructure and security in an integrated manner to derive disproportionate business value.  Happiest Minds offers an excellent degree of skills, IP and domain expertise across a set of focused areas which include application services, software product engineering, infrastructure management, security, testing and consulting services.  Unlike traditional IT outsourcing providers, Happiest Minds helps its customers leverage the power of IT for a 360° impact on the business.  Happiest Minds is focusing on manufacturing, retail & CPG, BFSI, travel & transportation, telecom and media. 

Offices: US, UK and India


Tech Mahindra has experienced vigorous growth thanks to a rapidly expanding global footprint, constantly evolving service portfolio, enriching partnerships and continued trust from the world’s leading telecommunications companies.  As their clients asked more of them, they expanded their services to meet and then exceed their clients’ expectations. 

Their IT capabilities cover business support systems (BSS), operations support systems (OSS), network design and engineering, next generation networks, mobility, security consulting, testing, and other areas related to the world of communications.  They offer comprehensive IT solutions via consulting, application development and management, network services, solution integration, product engineering and infrastructure management services.

Offices: Global

Attinad Software Pvt Ltd. is a company focusing on delivering niche mobile solutions to both enterprise and consumer markets Attinad Software is in the business of bridging the last mile disconnects for enterprises by providing industry specific enterprise and consumer focused mobility solutions. Attinad extends business-critical applications in real-time to any device over any network. The company was founded by a group of professionals with more than 50 years of professional experience between them, in conceptualizing and implementing Enterprise and Consumer mobility solutions.

Attinad has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Mobility market, mobile platforms and mobility consulting and have experience in executing projects with fortune 500 clients in USA, Europe and Middle East. Attinad focal points are in Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Trading, Automotive, Logistics Field Force and Consumer. We have our own award winning mobility suite which caters to different industry verticals. The mobility suite is integration ready for a number of enterprise packages and handheld platforms.

Offices: India, UAE, North America


Blue Spurs designs, develops and supports mobile and cloud-based applications for enterprises by using modern technologies, development tools, and agile methods to solve real customer problems. Blue Spurs provides an unmatched level of customer service and is deeply committed to ensuring customers’ success. With extensive experience architecting and deploying cloud-based consumer and enterprise applications, Blue Spurs’ team of professionals understand what it takes to deliver reliable and scalable solutions. By leveraging the elasticity and computing power of the cloud, Blue Spurs builds responsive design HTML5 websites in addition to Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone mobile applications that provide a great user experience.

Offices: Canada 


Enterprise Mobility is a leading technology company in Middle East.  Providing mobile and enterprise software solutions in Saudi Arabia and UAE for both Government and Private Sectors, as well as in USA, UK, Europe and Australia.  They are focused on provide mobile solutions across a wide range of industries from smart and e-government, enterprise mobility, mobile security, augmented reality, next generation VoIP and digital signage and kiosk solutions.


Offices: Dubai, UAE


Mubaloo is an award winning team of mobile consultants and app development experts, delivering end-to-end enterprise and consumer solutions. Mubaloo helps businesses plan, define and manage their mobile ecosystem, providing inspiration and buildingintelligent business solutions. Working at a strategic and operational level, we deliver apps that embrace the power of mobile.  Mubaloo has developed over 160 bespoke apps for some of the World’s largest businesses including: the Met Office, Aviva, BP, Virgin Media, Schroders, Channel 4, Hargreaves Lansdown, Argos, Allianz and William Hill.

Offices: UK, Germany and US


Mobiquity, a leading mobile solutions firm which creates engaging innovative enterprise-class apps that drives business value, as a result of, user experience, design development, and product management expertise. Mobiquity, expertly and effectively blend the three key disciplines that unleash the power and modernization of mobile computing: strategy, user-centered design and core technology. Mobiquity is working with the Global 2000, partnered with the SAP and partnered alongside 140 companies, including CVS, Fidelity investments, MetLife, the New York Post, The Boston Globe and Weight Watchers International.

Offices: US, Netherlands

Tech Endeavour

Tech Endeavour  
was founded in 2002, the mobility company is CMMI Maturity Level 3 assessed organization, providing “strategic mobile consulting and mobile solution development services”.  They are the specialized mobile Consulting & System Integrator (m-C&SI) with expertise to implement end to end mobility solutions.  Their team of 300+ dedicated mobility professionals have been bringing to life the mobility aspirations of many start-ups and large behemoths, impressing them with their scale, precision and speedy implementation of mobile solutions.  Be it consumer based or enterprise based, their mobile applications are of a superior class, which is why their customers have cemented long lasting bonds of trust with their.  

Offices: US, Europe, India, Singapore

Ttatva was founded by 4 industry experts having a combined IT experience of over 100 years with diverse skills from Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Content, Commerce and Customer Experience. Ttatva is dedicated to grow leveraging the fundamentals of the company and build on the extensive knowledge of our team and their continuing dedication to deliver the best performance available on the market. We believe when we focus on the user, everything else follows. We are passionately interested in technologies that touch users in everyday of their life. With our combined passion and technical expertise, we continuously roll out applications that are meaningful to our customers. We have readily deployable solutions around Business Information needs in automotive sector, Enterprise Performance dashboards in IT sector & Customer experience enhancement solutions in Retail. We have developed these solutions around Patented Technologies which can address the Multi channel delivery in a secure manner. The underlying platform is built on plug & play model thereby enhancing the cost effectiveness of deployment. With our combined Business focus and technical expertise, we aim to continuously roll out applications that are meaningful to our customers.

Offices: India


Technology Partners

Citrix MDX offers security and compliance for IT while giving user’s mobile device, app and data freedom. Users gain single-click access to all of their mobile, SaaS and Windows apps from a unified corporate app store, including seamlessly-integrated email, browser, data sharing and support apps. IT gains control over mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. In addition, XenMobile securely delivers Worx Mobile Apps, mobile apps built for businesses using the Worx App SDK and found through the Worx App Gallery. With XenMobile, IT can meet their compliance and control needs while users get the freedom to experience work and life their way.

Offices: Global

APN_Standard Technology Partner_Dark
Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. With data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

MongoDB_RP_HorizontalMongoDB is an open-source database used by companies of all sizes, across all industries and for a wide variety of applications. It is an agile database that allows schemas to change quickly as applications evolve, while still providing the functionality developers expect from traditional databases, such as secondary indexes, a full query language and strict consistency.