What is KidoZen Doing with Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

In a continuously changing mobile landscape, enterprise mobile applications are booming with possibilities and innovation. KidoZen is the go-to for businesses looking to swiftly and effectively grow within this dynamic mobile solutions space catered to enterprises.

Simply put, KidoZen offers the most affordable, fastest and securest way to deploy enterprise mobility solutions. Rather than build your own infrastructure from scratch, KidoZen simplifies the development process for enterprise mobile applications by securely integrating enterprise systems through our Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS). On top of allowing developers and IT professionals to seamlessly develop enterprise mobile apps, KidoZen supplies the comprehensive tools needed to boost efficiency and speed within the mobile solution sphere.

It is the industry’s first mobility solution built from the ground-up to meet the rigorous security, scalability and integration requirements of large enterprises – delivered completely as a service.

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service

Integrate backend services, line-of-business systems and databases into your enterprise mobile apps using our open SDK library.ore.

Mobile App Center

Publish, update, and control access to enterprise mobile apps from a central location.

Mobile Data Virtualization

Create virtual representations of your enterprise data for mobile applications and manage data sources from a single address, with none of the complexity.

Mobile Data Visualization

Design rich, interactive visualizations of real data coming from your business systems that can be accessed from your mobile apps.

Mobile Data Management

Take enterprise mobile security and policy management to the next level, at the data source.

Mobile Analytics

Gain insight about the internal and operational behavior of your mobile applications.