Enterprise Mobile Analytics

Key insights and progress reports for your mobile application give your business the ability to gauge overall success, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and further develop a strategy for your enterprise mobile application.

In order for a mobile application to thrive, companies rely on the power of mobile analytics to effectively track and quantify how their applications are being utilized and the resulting value they deliver. KidoZen offers a rich in-app analytics tool to monitor progress over time and across platforms. Consolidate all your enterprise mobile experiences in our Enterprise Mobile Analytics for optimal and real-time mobile app performance monitoring.

KidoZen Mobile Analytics makes capturing operational and business behavior of enterprise mobile infrastructure and individual applications simple. Our analytics impart telemetry about the internal and operational behavior of your mobile applications, allowing you to see how the application is utilized, as well as what device, operating system and carrier is used. Additionally, you can pinpoint any problem applications through log crashing and extensible logging APIs. KidoZen also integrates with industry leading mobile application performance monitoring platforms.

Effectively monitoring mobile applications is a key requirement of any enterprise mobile infrastructure. The ability of obtaining analytics about the operational and business performance of mobile applications is an important aspect for enterprises looking to deliver value via mobile solutions.