Enterprise Mobile App Center

The KidoZen Mobile App Center delivers a web and mobile friendly interface to rapidly prototype and securely publish, update and control access to enterprise mobile applications for iOS, Windows and Android. It also provides a complete environment for hosting HTML5 apps.

The comprehensive features offered by the Mobile App Store, HTML5 Hosting Platform, and Mobile App Prototyper, all conveniently located within the Mobile App Center, streamline the development and delivery of enterprise mobile applications for businesses and IT professionals.

What enterprise mobile application benefits can the Mobile App Center provide for your business?

For your users, the Mobile App Center acts just like a mobile app store where they can discover, find and install available enterprise mobile apps directly from smartphones and tablets. For IT professionals, it serves as an administration console where they can configure and control access to the enterprise mobile app services based on user roles and permissions.  The intuitive Mobile App Prototyper within the Mobile App Center allows line of business owners to visually drag and drop to create HTML5 mobile app prototypes to pass along to designers and developers, without the need for setting up a backend infrastructure.

The flexibility of the Mobile App Center gives owners power over security configuration and general customization based on the business’ environment.  Additionally, KidoZen offers sophisticated operational analytics and telemetry of enterprise mobile infrastructure runtime behaviors – all centrally located within the Mobile App Center.