Mobile Data Management Overview

For the first time, you can add policy management around your enterprise mobile data, regardless of the apps consuming the information. Developers can apply and enforce security and work with policies against the data accessed by your enterprise mobile applications.

Knowing exactly which individuals and sources can approach your mobile data is a paramount component to enterprise mobile security. KidoZen’s Mobile Data Management can supply that component with unprecedented power – including access, encryption and deletion – over enterprise mobile data security and compliance throughout the mobile app usage cycle.

With just a few clicks, Mobile Data Management allows you to utilize these new levels of control – from global policy down to the data source – specifying which data sources are accessible by certain device types, statuses, user locations or any other relevant factor. Specifically, you can apply granular context-aware data policies to specific sets of mobile data according to geo-location, device, application, network or mobile client, as well as apply policies to manage both data at-rest and data in-use.