Mobile Data Virtualization Overview

Once all your mobile apps are connected to both your existing infrastructure and your enterprise systems through our Mobile Backend-as-a-Service, you’re ready to take the next giant step in enterprise mobility: virtualizing the business data feeding into your mobile apps.

Having rapid and secure access to data for your enterprise mobile apps is a crucial component to mobile development and management. Mobile Data Virtualization eliminates the complexity of accessing underlying data sources by removing source system knowledge required to access mobile data. Instead of directly invoking APIs, which require developers to know where data resides and the syntax of each data source, developers can now use a normalized syntax to invoke items from a common Data Catalog populated by IT.

With all the necessary details about the source system readily available, retrieving virtualized mobile data is now a highly secure and simple task. Mobile Data Virtualization is a unique approach that extends mobile operation management from devices, to apps, to what matters the most – business data. In addition to vastly simplifying mobile data integration, KidoZen brings new levels of security, management and access control capabilities to the data source level, eliminating the security risks inherent in direct API-level access.

Accessing business data in a simple but secure and compliant way remains the number one challenge in enterprise mobile initiatives. KidoZen’s mobile data virtualization and mobile data management solutions provide a universal mechanism for accessing business data from mobile applications. Together, they simplify connectivity, save time and deliver new levels of enterprise security and control across what matters most — enterprise data.