Mobile Data Visualization Overview

Your mobile apps run on data, all kinds of data, to mobilize key enterprise business processes. KidoZen’s mobile data visualization tool makes it easy for your development team to author and manage rich, visual representations of enterprise data sources, while providing a simple model for consuming those visualizations from your enterprise mobile apps.

Given the explosion of information now accessed from mobile devices, data visualization can play a central role in enhancing the mobile experience for your users. It can help them visually interpret what’s going on underneath all that data and quickly respond to the most relevant items for better, faster decision making.

A richer, easier way to visualize your business data

KidoZen data visualization goes beyond the static snapshot analysis of most mobile reporting tools to visually facilitate user consumption and interaction with a specific data source in a mobile-friendly way.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, developers can interactively change what data is seen and explore different combinations of visualizations against real data. Once satisfied, the visualization can be saved and reused among multiple apps. Using a single line of code, developers can embed the data visualization in their mobile apps.

KidoZen mobile data visualization aids the entire development cycle:

Author: Select a target data source and generate a visualization based on a rich set of more than 20 different formats available in the data visualization catalog.

Consume: Access data visualizations across a variety of mobile development platforms (Android, iOS, Javascript). It’s as easy as referencing the visualization by name.

Manage: Centrally manage and version mobile data visualizations without having to change the different mobile apps using them.

Mobile Data Visualization Assets

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Go beyond the static snapshot analysis of current mobile reporting tools to visually facilitate user interaction with real data coming from business systems through rich, data visualizations. Download this white paper to learn how.

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With KidoZen, developers can quickly go from building mobile apps to building rich, interactive visualizations out of their business data with a few extra clicks.