Mobile SDKs

Add backend capabilities to your IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, or PhoneGap applications with a single line of code. Leverage our mobile SDKs to build enterprise ready mobile applications using the tools and platforms of your choice.

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KidoZen provides a series of SDKs to make it extremely simple to add backend capabilities to your enterprise mobile applications using a very simple syntax. Our SDKs include platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, PhoneGap and other emerging mobile development technologies.

By leveraging KidoZen’s mobile SDKs, developers can get started building enterprise mobile applications using the platforms and tools that make them more productive. Different from other enterprise mobility platforms, KidoZen does not require developers to learn new development tools, backend platforms, take training classes or hire professional services in order to get started implementing enterprise mobile applications.


  • Simple syntax
  • FTailored to your mobile platform

  • Freedom of tools and platforms

  • Add backend capabilities to your mobile applications with a single line of code syntax
  • KidoZen’s mobile SDKs provide a comprehensive development experience that leverages best practices on each specific mobile platform such as Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 or PhoneGap
  • Whether you are building native, hybrid or mobile web applications, KidoZen’s mobile SDKs allow developers to use the mobile tools and platforms they prefer without imposing any hard requirements on the development stack. Additionally, you can always use our SDKs with the latest version of mobile platforms such as IOS, Android or Windows Phone.